Saturday 10-15-16

Closer and closer!

So much accomplished today with the help of my hubby! Got all the dark blue between the edges and filmstrip finished, and even got a few twinklies done. It’s looking gorgeous, and I’m super proud of myself even though it isn’t even finished yet!

I will admit, though, that I did not have the top edge assembled correctly, and had to remove most of the edge pieces at the top before finishing the inside pieces. Once I had all the regular dark blue pieces inserted correctly I was then able to put the edges in their proper place. Even then, you must be very careful and look closely because there were several pieces that fit perfectly in more than 1 spot, and only when you look carefully can you see that the images do not line up perfectly. This is not a problem I have ever encountered with a Ravensburger puzzle, but perhaps because this is a specialty puzzle with a much larger piece count it was more difficult to come up with a template that had no repeating patterns. Next section of the puzzle, the edge will be the next to the last thing I assemble for sure!

There are probably around 600 pieces or so left. I didn’t keep track from the beginning, but I will when I start the next section. There are still a few days of work left to do, depending on how much I am able to work on it, but the end is near 🙂 The twinklies are going to be the most difficult part as far as I can tell, but hopefully it won’t be too terribly time consuming.

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