Tuesday 10-11-16

Border in place!

Made some good progress today, including finishing the border – HOORAY! That thing drove me nuts today. Too many pieces fit or seemed to fit and it was trial and error to get it done. I was so frustrated I had to leave it alone and come back to it hours later. I was out of sorts today, normally I don’t let something like that frustrate me. Usually I am able to sit, concentrate and work through it. *Doing my best Scarlett O’Hara* – Tomorrow is another day!

I had problems standing today to work on the top half of the puzzle, so I flipped the board around to be able to sit and work. Also spent an hour or so sorting what was left of the solid color pieces by shapes. Still have the “twinklies” to sort through. I plan to do that while watching tv tomorrow. Little bits at a time.

My eldest son was given the task of finding me soundtracks of all the movies represented on the puzzle, and got 9/10 in no time at all. He already had some of them, found some more, and we had to reserve the Bambi soundtrack at the library. I probably have 2 or 3 days (hopefully) left on Snow White, so I’m hoping to listen to the soundtrack nearer the end.

All of these movies have good memories for me. It’s interesting that 7 of the movies are from my childhood, and only 3 are from when my kids were young. I know all the songs to each of them, we watched a LOT of Disney at our house. I guess that’s why I really wanted to do this particular puzzle, the images hold great memories for me AND it’s a Ravensburger. Their puzzle quality is amazing, and they came up with an image that I truly am happy to be working on. I’ve wanted to do a large piece count puzzle, but hadn’t been able to find one that I really enjoyed the image. I was taken by the Keith Haring Double Retrospect, but although I enjoyed the artwork I wasn’t sure that the puzzle itself would be one that would be enjoyable to assemble. There are only 7 or 8 colors in the whole thing! Perhaps after I finish Unforgettable Moments I might be brave enough to try tackling Double Retrospect if I can still find it. Although I will most likely have to wait a while and catch up on all the puzzles I have purchased that are patiently waiting on me to start working them. Puzzle me! Don’t forget me! I’m collecting dust! 🙂

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