Traditional Mexican Skulls

Traditional Mexican Skulls – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

This beautiful puzzle was a Christmas gift last year from one of my beautiful sons. Although my oldest gave this to me, my youngest was adamant that I not assemble it until closer to the Day of the Dead. Being the awesome mom that I am, I waited months and months to assemble it; it was difficult to wait though, I absolutely love decorated skulls and the Day of the Dead (which is why they picked this one out for me, for sure).

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of variety in piece shapes – most Eurographics I’ve ever done have been a random cut. It didn’t have to be a random cut though, a grid cut with variety in the shapes would have been just as welcome. The quality was otherwise very good though, and I’m thankful for my gift no matter what. (Shout out to my fantastic sons and my amazing daughter who helped them shop for Christmas presents. I love you guys so much! 💗)

I truly love this holiday – especially this year. It’s a two day Mexican holiday for remembering and praying for friends and family members who have died. I’m not of Mexican heritage, but I’ve always loved the meaning of the holiday and especially the traditional decorative skulls. This year though, with the loss of mom so new, and the fact that my birthday is the same week and I’m struggling with celebrating without her – the Day of the Dead very much seems like the perfect holiday for me.

I miss you mom, and today I’m remembering you with all my love and praying that you’re at peace and maybe even enjoying a fun little heavenly puzzle with grama. We always spent the day after Halloween together, going from store to store buying all our favorite candy at bargain prices and having a ball. It won’t be the same without you, and I’ll be thinking of you all day. 👼

Skulls In Progress

Skulls IP
Eurographics Skulls In Progress

My son got me this puzzle for Christmas last year, but he was adamant that I shouldn’t assemble it until closer to the Day of the Dead. Per his instructions I’ve waited, and will have it put together for the correct holiday. 💀

I haven’t assembled a Eurographics puzzle in a while. I was quite surprised to find that instead of an interesting random cut this puzzle is a grid cut (which I don’t mind at all) with only one piece shape (which I do mind). I don’t know when this change occurred, but I’m pretty disappointed I have to say. I’m sure it’s much cheaper to make a die with only the one shape, but we puzzlers appreciate some variety and craftsmanship. Is everything only about the bottom line? Oh well, it’s not the end of the world, just a small annoyance I felt the need to vent about.

It’s a beautiful image, and an explosion of color – it makes for quite a challenging puzzle! This is day three of working on it, but I’m hoping to finish it today. I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about getting myself some new puzzles, perhaps that will be the push I need to buckle down and get this one finished. The board needs to be cleared for a new puzzle.

Buzz, buzz – someone’s going puzzle shopping! 🐝🐝

The Periodic Table of the Elements

Periodic Table
The Periodic Table of the Elements – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

I wish I had the right words to express how much I absolutely adored assembling this puzzle – it was so entertaining! It’s an older Eurographics puzzle, so it’s a random cut and it was absolutely the best puzzle I’ve assembled in a while!

Most of the newer Eurographics puzzles I’ve come across are not only grid cut, they only have the one piece shape. Ugh. Boring, boring, boring! This randomly cut puzzle was tricky in some places, but for the most part it was pretty easy – but not boring in the least. Can you tell I loved it?

I never took chemistry, so honestly this is the very first time I had a good look at the Periodic Table, and some of the element’s names were a surprise to me; Americum, Californium, Einsteinium, Europium, Neptunium…

Periodic Table 1

I was very interested in reading the names of all the elements, and it made me curious as to how or why things were named what they were. There was also a table at the bottom showing all the elements, the year they were discovered, and who discovered them. I found it so interesting!

Periodic Table 2

This puzzle was full of things I didn’t know. I’d never heard of Dimitri Mendeleev and had no idea he was the “inventor” of the periodic table. There’s an element named after him too – Mendelevium. I’m sure this isn’t new to many people, but it is to me; I found this entire puzzle not only entertaining, but fascinating as well.

This was one of the puzzles I found in the trunk of mom’s car, and it makes me think of her – she would have loved putting this one together. She knew the kind of puzzles I enjoy, and I’m certain she got this from the thrift store with me in mind. I wish she were here so that I could show her the finished image, tell her thank you, and tell her how much I miss puzzling with her. 💖

Review: Yoga Dogs

This post is sponsored by Puzzle Warehouse.
Yoga Dogs – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

Yoga Dogs was so much fun to assemble, and the first 1000 piece puzzle I assembled this month. I’ve been having so much trouble sitting to puzzle that most of the puzzles I’ve put together have been 500 pieces or less. This one took a while, but was completely worth it.

One thing I’ve noticed with Eurographics puzzles is the obvious piece shapes in the finished image. It doesn’t really affect the enjoyment of assembly for me, but if you’re looking to frame a finished puzzle it’s something to consider. I have found though, that if you glue the puzzle before framing it reduces the appearance of the piece shapes. The glue fills in some of the space and the image doesn’t seem as chopped up.

Eurographics have an excellent catalog, including some fascinating educational puzzles along with landscapes, fine art, interesting collages, and much more. They are made from good quality chipboard and are randomly cut which gives a very good variety of piece shapes. The image reproduction is very good with a slightly shiny finish that can cause glare under artificial lights. Check out all the Eurographics puzzles currently in stock at Puzzle Warehouse. There are plenty of great images to choose from, even a 300 piece Yoga Puppies puzzle that looks so precious!

The assembly was relatively easy, I separated out all the pieces with letters or words and also all the background colors. It was simple to assemble each colored background and place it in the frame, and once all the colors were put together finishing off all the dogs and fur was the most challenging part. All in all it was quite an entertaining puzzle and if you’re a fan of dogs or collages I definitely recommend it. 🐶


  • Title:                  Yoga Dogs
  • Artist:                Unknown
  • Brand:               Eurographics
  • Piece count:     1000 pieces
  • Size:                  Approx. 19 x 27 in. (49 x 68 cm)
  • Purchased:      N/A, sent for review


  • Board:               Very good
  • Cutting:             Good
  • Image:               Very good
  • Box:                   Average
  • Fit:                     Slightly loose
  • Puzzle Dust:     Moderate amount
  • Piece cut:          Random cut
  • Piece shapes:   Very good variety
  • Finish:               Slightly shiny finish, lays flat

Overall Rating:      Very good, recommended


I received this product at no cost in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

Review: Teachers

Teachers (Girl Power) – Eurographics – 100 pieces

Another interesting thrift store find from my resident thrift store ninja shopper. Way to go mom!

The is from the Girl Power series of puzzles by Eurographics, the motto is “girls can do anything”. Love it! They have puzzles of the many different jobs girls can do, such as an engineer, pilot, firefighter, mechanic, and many more. Although teacher seems like a job girls have always done, it’s still a part of this series and something girls can do. 🙂

The quality of this kids puzzle was excellent. Very thick pieces that fit together well, with bright and colorful image reproduction. There were also a good variety of piece shapes, which you don’t always see in a child’s puzzle. It is an all around wonderful quality puzzle. I love it when manufacturers put effort into making good quality puzzles for children!

Even though I’m a “grownup” and do adult puzzles, I still enjoy working a kids puzzle. Mom still can’t stop herself from buying them, although we mostly just give them away to friends with kids or the special needs school my daughter works for. We put them together to be sure the puzzles are complete before we give them away. Puzzling is puzzling, no matter the piece count and I’m not ashamed to say I have a good time assembling puzzles meant for children. I’m just a fun-loving kid in a old person’s body. 👧=👵


  • Title:                  Teachers
  • Artist:                ?
  • Brand:               Eurographics
  • Piece count:     100 pieces
  • Size:                  Approx. 13 x 19 in. (33 x 48 cm)
  • Purchased:      Used, thrift store


  • Board:               Excellent
  • Cutting:             Excellent
  • Image:               Excellent
  • Box:                   Average
  • Fit:                     Very good
  • Puzzle Dust:     Small amount
  • Piece cut:          Grid cut
  • Piece shapes:   Very good variety
  • Finish:               Matte finish, lays flat

Overall Rating:      Excellent, recommended