Skulls In Progress

Skulls IP
Eurographics Skulls In Progress

My son got me this puzzle for Christmas last year, but he was adamant that I shouldn’t assemble it until closer to the Day of the Dead. Per his instructions I’ve waited, and will have it put together for the correct holiday. 💀

I haven’t assembled a Eurographics puzzle in a while. I was quite surprised to find that instead of an interesting random cut this puzzle is a grid cut (which I don’t mind at all) with only one piece shape (which I do mind). I don’t know when this change occurred, but I’m pretty disappointed I have to say. I’m sure it’s much cheaper to make a die with only the one shape, but we puzzlers appreciate some variety and craftsmanship. Is everything only about the bottom line? Oh well, it’s not the end of the world, just a small annoyance I felt the need to vent about.

It’s a beautiful image, and an explosion of color – it makes for quite a challenging puzzle! This is day three of working on it, but I’m hoping to finish it today. I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about getting myself some new puzzles, perhaps that will be the push I need to buckle down and get this one finished. The board needs to be cleared for a new puzzle.

Buzz, buzz – someone’s going puzzle shopping! 🐝🐝

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