Traditional Mexican Skulls

Traditional Mexican Skulls – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

This beautiful puzzle was a Christmas gift last year from one of my beautiful sons. Although my oldest gave this to me, my youngest was adamant that I not assemble it until closer to the Day of the Dead. Being the awesome mom that I am, I waited months and months to assemble it; it was difficult to wait though, I absolutely love decorated skulls and the Day of the Dead (which is why they picked this one out for me, for sure).

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of variety in piece shapes – most Eurographics I’ve ever done have been a random cut. It didn’t have to be a random cut though, a grid cut with variety in the shapes would have been just as welcome. The quality was otherwise very good though, and I’m thankful for my gift no matter what. (Shout out to my fantastic sons and my amazing daughter who helped them shop for Christmas presents. I love you guys so much! 💗)

I truly love this holiday – especially this year. It’s a two day Mexican holiday for remembering and praying for friends and family members who have died. I’m not of Mexican heritage, but I’ve always loved the meaning of the holiday and especially the traditional decorative skulls. This year though, with the loss of mom so new, and the fact that my birthday is the same week and I’m struggling with celebrating without her – the Day of the Dead very much seems like the perfect holiday for me.

I miss you mom, and today I’m remembering you with all my love and praying that you’re at peace and maybe even enjoying a fun little heavenly puzzle with grama. We always spent the day after Halloween together, going from store to store buying all our favorite candy at bargain prices and having a ball. It won’t be the same without you, and I’ll be thinking of you all day. 👼

4 thoughts on “Traditional Mexican Skulls

  1. Penny Weiss

    What a great puzzle and the story behind your love of the holiday which has increased significantly in meaning for you now. Love it! Now go get some good candy…Im sure your mom will be watching over you from her heavenly puzzle table and will let you know if you didnt pick out the exact right flavor! Big hugs to you today.

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