Krystol’s Palace

Krystol’s Palace by Ciro Marchetti – Buffalo – 750 pieces

This puzzle was unbelievably beautiful, and challenging enough to be fun and completely engaging. What’s not to love about Ciro Marchetti’s color palettes and stunning scenes?

Great Buffalo quality – pieces are slightly bigger for a 750 piece puzzle than a 1000 piece, and for me they’re the perfect size. The fit was excellent and the image reproduction was stellar. I’ve been on a bit of a Buffalo puzzles binge lately, and most of my purchases have been either Ravensburger or Buffalo; I know the quality will be good with both brands and they have a lot of images that are definitely my pile of pieces.

There’s something about the detail on this balloon, my eye is drawn to it every time I look at the image. Gorgeous!

There’s not much to say, other than the peacock’s color works wonderfully with the entire image. I’ve seen peacocks in several puzzles with Ciro Marchetti’s artwork, and they always seem to blend with the scene perfectly.

The colors are just lovely, everything fits just right. The purples/pinks, and oranges/reds of the sky, the brighter colors of the cupolas on the palace towers: it’s just a fantastic puzzle image that was completely engrossing to put together.


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