Yesterday’s Awesome Find!

Marketplace 1

Yesterday was another LONG trip to my pain management doctor over 4 hours from home; but I decided to try and make it a little less painful by finding myself some puzzles – and find some I did!

Marketplace 2.JPG

I got all 27 of these puzzles for $25 from a fantastic lady I found on Facebook Marketplace. (Thanks Jan! ❤) I don’t use Facebook, but my husband has an account that I use to look at puzzle pages, etc. One day when I was bored and looking around I found the marketplace and obviously searched for jigsaw puzzles for sale in my area. I didn’t see many bargains, or even puzzles that I wanted anywhere near my house, but I did find this lot almost 100 miles from home. It didn’t seem very cost effective to go that far for them, but luckily when I had to make another appointment with the doctor and knew I’d be within 10 miles or so of these puzzles I was VERY excited!

So here’s what I got:

  • Twelve 300 piece
  • Eight 500 piece
  • One 550 piece
  • Two 750 piece
  • Four 1000 piece

Great brands too! I’m so very happy with my purchase, even though 3 of the puzzles I’ve done before. No worries at all, even with those 3 taken out of the mix I only spent $1.04 per puzzle. 🙂 There’s another image that I have assembled before, but with a different piece count and by a different brand – so I’m definitely going to be doing that one again.

Finding these puzzles made a terrible day in the car and at the doctor’s office a whole lot less horrible – because I was so happy to find such great puzzles at such a great price!

These ought to keep me busy for a little while, right? ☺


Introducing Frenchy!

introducing frenchy!
Introducing Frenchy! by Robin Preiss Glasser – Briarpatch – 100 pieces

A cute little kids puzzle, with the added fun of glitter! I love the Fancy Nancy images, they’re adorable, and remind me of myself. I’m all about being who you are, especially if you don’t fit in – who wants to be just like everyone else? Not me!  🙂

This is the fourth Briarpatch puzzle that I’ve assembled, and they’ve all had differing levels of quality; it makes me wonder why that is. This puzzle had thick enough pieces, but the chipboard used wasn’t very sturdy at all, and the way the pieces fit together was……odd. It wasn’t too tight, it wasn’t spongy, it simply felt very weird. I’m not sure I can properly explain it; you could plainly see that the piece was in the correct place, but it didn’t feel as though it was. Not a good fit, bent and flimsy pieces, and the puzzle didn’t lay flat.

Questionable quality aside though, Fancy Nancy is adorable!