Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 2

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – approx. 125/500 pieces

All the mascots have changed so much, it’s interesting to look back on where they started out. You probably can’t read it, but underneath Toucan Sam’s bowl it says “Real fruit flavor in a crystallized oat cereal”. That doesn’t sound very appetizing to me at all – crystallized? Ick. 🤮

If you haven’t tried any of these sets from RoseArt/Lafayette Puzzle Factory I highly recommend giving them a go. There are so many great sets out there and they are good quality. They aren’t premium quality puzzles, but they’re extremely entertaining and great for when you don’t have much time. The backs are color coded so that you can sort them easily and if you want you can grab a pile of pieces and a cup of coffee and complete an entire image. Love it!

4 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 2

  1. Eck! Is right on the crystallized oat cereal. Not a great marketing slogan…may be the marketing guy / gal was partaking of a different kind of “crystal” when they came up with this one. LOL

    Also, I think I like Toucan Sam’s coloring better nowadays.

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