Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY

Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY by Dean MacAdam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

FANTASTIC puzzle from beginning to end! The image, the colors, the contrast between bright colors and dark shades – I loved it all. Dean MacAdam, please give us many more images like these, I can’t get enough of them. 💛

Great quality as usual, there were a couple of bent pieces but that happens with every brand once in a while. Great matte finish, excellent fit, and beautiful reproduction. Well done Ravensburger, puzzles like this one are why you have such a stellar reputation for quality puzzles.

I love the silly faces of the munchkins, whatever those things with blue hair are, and that in the trees there are evil bees. So fun!

Scariest flying monkey I’ve seen – much more evil looking than the movie monkeys in my opinion.

It seems that because I’ve never actually read the books I have no idea who these two characters are. The wizard is in the hot air balloon – so who is this guy? And what about the royal rat? Anyone? (I could look these things up online but I’d much rather talk to you guys about it. 😊)

10 thoughts on “Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY

  1. Unfortunately I don’t know the answers to your questions but I can tell you that it’s a real treat to read the Wizard of Oz Book. It’s quite different from the movie. If you have an e-reader you can download it for free using Project Gutenberg. If you aren’t familiar with PG, it’s a safe and 100% legitimate site to download free ebooks whose copyrights have expired.

    “We do not publish any books that still have copyright protection. This generally means that our texts are taken from books published 95+ years ago. (It’s more complicated than that, as our Copyright FAQ explains, but 95+ criterion is a good first rule-of-thumb.)

    This means that you won’t find the latest bestsellers or modern computer books here. You will find the classic books from the start of the 20th century and previous centuries, from authors like Shakespeare, Poe, Dante, as well as well-loved favorites like the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Tarzan and Mars books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland as told by Lewis Carroll, and thousands of others.”

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      1. Have you done any googling to figure out who those 2 characters are? I’m curious too! I wonder if maybe they are characters from the book?! I also see a terrifying looking cat in one of the trees!! Have you thought about googling to see if the artist has a website and then reaching out to ask him your question?

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