1000 Piece Puzzles – How Long Should It Take?

The answer is simply this – however long it takes.

There is no right way, wrong way, or time frame anyone should stick to; puzzling works best for you when you don’t compare yourself or how you puzzle with anyone else.

I’ve seen many an article/blog post/answer to this question – how long does it take to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. There are averages I suppose, but if it takes you much longer than it takes me that doesn’t mean a thing.

Perhaps you have young children, a full time job, or less inclination to sit at the puzzle table as much as I do……so what? Are you having fun? If the answer is yes then however long it takes you is the PERFECT amount of time.

There are many factors that go into how long puzzles take to complete; the image, the cut, the quality, your preferred method of puzzling, etc. An easy collage image doesn’t take nearly as long as a landscape with plenty of sky and grass to deal with; so there’s no way to tell you how long it “should” take. It takes as long as is necessary for you.

It all depends on how you puzzle, and as long as you’re enjoying the assembly it doesn’t matter if it takes one day or six months!

8 thoughts on “1000 Piece Puzzles – How Long Should It Take?

  1. Deb

    A older woman I know can put a 1000 piecer together in 4-5 hours! Nope – I do an hour or two a day and it takes me about 2 weeks. Which is fine – make it last!

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