Dogs with Jobs

Dogs with Jobs by Eloise Narrigan – Galison – 500 pieces

Quite an adorable puzzle, which helped make up for the lack of variety in piece shapes and sharp white backing. This was a gift received quite some time ago, I’m not even sure when – and it seemed like it was time to get it assembled.

Eloise Narrigan is an artist I haven’t seen in puzzle images before, and she has such a wonderful imagination and aesthetic; each charming image of a dog and the job they hold was so entertaining. I’ve picked some of the silly or unique jobs that truly made me smile. Notice that the line drawings around each dog are connected to their professions – what a fun puzzle image!

Indie Yarn Dyer? This one made me laugh out loud, I wish I’d looked closer at this puzzle before I concocted the backstories for the dog selfies; it would have helped me come up with some truly bizarre and hilarious jobs for them!

Balloon artist – that must be difficult with paws and nails – I bet they have to get their nails cut or filed down quite often. And the thought of the long, thin Dachshund blowing up long, thin balloons to twist into shapes makes me giggle. Love the balloon dog line drawing as well. ❤

Of course whatever job the Boston Terrier had would be shown here – they’re our favorite breed here at My Jigsaw Journal. A DJ is a perfect job for that breed, they’re so fun and energetic.

This puzzle was more fun than I thought, and seeing all the great job titles and fun line drawings around each one made for an entertaining assembly. Many thanks to whomever gifted me this puzzle (Penny, I think). Please don’t take offense, more than a few people gift me puzzles and it’s just been so long and my memory is shot; I cannot recall for certain who gave this to me. 😥

6 thoughts on “Dogs with Jobs

  1. Oh my! What a fun image! And it’s super cool that Eloise added some line drawings around each doggo that relates to the jobbo. That Dachshund Balloon Artist is hilarious!!

    I’m on a self-imposed puzzle buying ban but I’m definitely going to add this puzzle to my wishlist. And I’m off to google to see if I can find Eloise’s website.

    P.S. I started a puzzle blog!!

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