Dogs – Cavallini & Co. – 1000 pieces

Isn’t this a great image for a dog and puzzle lover like myself? I absolutely adored it and had a great time putting it together. My apologies for the glare on the picture, the shiny/slick backing made it so that I couldn’t stand my board up for a good pic of the completed puzzle – it kept trying to slide off!

This was a new company for me. All of their puzzles that I’ve seen are in tubular containers and a little more on the pricey side. The quality is good/very good; good thickness, excellent fit, good reproduction and variety of shapes. They have a nice hand feel on the front of the puzzle, but use that slick/sharp coating on the back – I am not a fan of this type of backing.

Again, my apologies for the pictures. They’re at an angle so you could see the image without glare, it isn’t optimal but it was the best I could do.

Of course if there’s a Boston Terrier I’m gonna take a close up. Actually there are two sections with Bostons in this image, this was my favorite of the two.

I mean, how cute is this? A choir of adorable dogs giving a performance – love it. 💚

Cavallini & Co. – from what I’ve seen – make good quality puzzles. I’ve only done this one so I can only speak for this puzzle specifically until I’ve done at least one more. They’re a bit on the pricey side from what I’ve seen, so unless one of their images grabs me and I HAVE to get it, I’m not sure I’ll be getting another one any time soon. Not because there’s anything wrong with them, I’m just watching my puzzle spending at the moment.

13 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Beth - Puzzle Person

    The close-up photo of the doggie choir is darling. Thanks for the info about this brand. This is probably one of the new-to-me brands I saw at Barnes & Noble when I was there last month. I *wish* Barnes & Noble stocked Puzzle Twist — those are pricey (I think regardless of piece count all the puzzles are $22) but would be worth the splurge for a buy 1 get 1 50% off puzzle sale.

    P.S. What are the the pair of dogs at the table doing? (They are to the left of the boston terrier image you shared) And what’s going on with the pair of dogs snoozing on the bed? (Upper right corner)

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      1. Hubs is doing well. He isn’t allowed to walk, so we’re all spending time fetching things for him. He can get up to go to the restroom and he uses crutches for that. Otherwise he’s sitting in his chair in the living room or laying in bed.


      2. Beth

        The doctor’s orders for your husband to not walk around sounds pretty intense. I hope physical therapy bit by bit gets him back up on his feet and moving around comfortably. It must be comforting to him that you (and your sons) are home to keep him company, or at least to know that y’all are there even if in separate rooms. Hope he has some good activities he can do to keep his mind occupied while resting.

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      3. Luckily the Olympics are on, so he’s watching them in addition to ALL the James Bond movies. Plus we have our Yahtzee tournament and bathroom puzzles. LOL

        He starts physical therapy next week, though he won’t be able to do much until the sutures are removed and he can resume weight-bearing. I’ll be his chauffeur for a while still. Yay.


      4. Beth

        I am sincerely sorry that I just giggled when I read your “yay” because I assume that even though you love your husband to the moon and back that you were being sarcastic when you wrote that. I shouldn’t have giggled because y’all are experiencing such an intense situation right now.

        But everything that you are doing for him is an act of service and an expression of love. I can’t imagine how things are for your family right now but the Lord will see y’all through this.

        I’m glad your husband is able to binge watch his favorite movies and keep up with the Olympics.

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