China Cupboard

China Cupboard by Ciro Marchetti – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

It was completely by accident that I chose this puzzle to assemble while holding the giveaway for a Wentworth puzzle with an image by Ciro Marchetti. I didn’t even realize it was his work until I was checking the box for the name of the artwork. What a fun coincidence!

Normally I associate Ciro Marchetti with fantasy images, but I have done one or two puzzles with his artwork that aren’t in that genre. Now we can add this beauty, it’s a great image for puzzling and I loved every piece. It’s a little dark at the bottom and up the sides, but not too much so and it wasn’t overly difficult.

Great Ravensburger quality, there was quite a bit of puzzle dust to deal with – but otherwise it was excellent. The fit was lovely as was the reproduction and as always there are a good variety of shapes so as not to make for a boring assembly. I knew I would enjoy this puzzle, and fortunately I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would!

The images on these china plates was as crisp and clear as if they were their own puzzle. Absolutely beautiful.

We all know I’m not a cat person, but this little one was very cute. You can tell by this cat, or at least I can, that this is digital artwork. I’m not knocking it at all, many of my favorite puzzles are those by digital artists who use their computers and creativity to produce compelling and beautiful images that make for most excellent puzzles.

This puzzle was so much fun, and with the wonderful quality made for a fantastic puzzling experience. I absolutely loved it!

6 thoughts on “China Cupboard

    1. Beth - Anonymous Puzzle Person

      I’d like to know that too as the darling kitty seems so natural looking on the shelf — it doesn’t seem like an obvious “cut & paste” of digital artwork ontop of something else like in some of Aimee Stewart’s puzzle images — nothing wrong with that, some of Aimee’s images make my favorite puzzles!

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