Clever Women are Dangerous Too

Clever Women are Dangerous Too by Joe de Mers – Clementoni – 500 pieces

I know it’s only January, but this is the winner for best puzzle title so far this year – love the title and the puzzle. What a fun assembly, and even with all that black it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

The fit was loose, but otherwise it’s a great quality puzzle. I don’t get to do many Clementoni puzzles, I find that the 500 piece puzzles are just about right for this brand; other than the slightly loose fit the quality was excellent. 💗

I have an in process picture because I texted it to a friend while I was working on it; I don’t usually take them. I absolutely adored this image, it’s quite different than the usual subject matter – and it’s pretty darn cool too. 😎

Fantastically great puzzle!

6 thoughts on “Clever Women are Dangerous Too

    1. It really wasn’t bad. First of all it was only a 500 piece puzzle, secondly there were a variety of piece shapes to help out. I’ve done my fair share of puzzles with big blocks of color and have plenty of tricks to help it go faster. Besides, the image is gorgeous; that always gets the juices flowing in my brain. 😉


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