1950s – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

Remarks is using a new chipboard, I don’t really like it much, even though it’s sturdier than the old kind. I was worried that when I lifted my board up to lean against the wall to take a picture that the new backing would make it slide off the board – luckily it didn’t. They are using a new finish too, and it’s quite shiny. I’m not sure how I feel about the new stuff; first impression is that I’m not a fan.

The fit was loose-ish, the board is sturdy but with the backing feels almost sharp (if that makes sense), there were a good variety of shapes, and image reproduction was good. Some areas seemed fuzzy, but I believe that was the reference material and not the reproduction’s fault. Overall it’s good quality, but honestly I prefer the old Re-marks puzzles.

I’ve got a few more of their puzzles here, and I may have to decide if this is a “White Mountain” situation where I deal with lesser or annoying quality problems to be able to assemble their great collages. If you asked me right at this moment I honestly couldn’t answer whether or not it’s worth it. We’ll have to wait and see how I feel after the others are assembled.

I had these as a child, vinyl stick-on geometric shapes that you could rearrange to make tons of different images. As I was putting this puzzle together I didn’t look much at the box or poster, and I couldn’t figure out what the black background with the bright colors were – finally had to take a peek to see what it was. It was really fun to put together this section.

See how different the Trix rabbit looked in the 1950s!

This section made me laugh, I can’t think of any program where the family gathers in front of the tv anymore. And look at the television itself! I remember these, big console tvs with record player and radio in them. We had one that you lifted the lid and the record player was in the top – we thought it was very cool. Ah, the old days. If you didn’t know I was old before – well, you certainly know now.

8 thoughts on “1950s

  1. Deb

    As a 1950’s baby, I love this puzzle. So many memories! I had a Colorforms set that was a kitchen with dishes to set the table, groceries for the fridge and cupboards. It was my “gift” for getting the mumps! And Little Lulu, that television set, Buddy Holly…! I have to find this puzzle.

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  2. Anonymous Puzzle Person

    Oh noes about your woes with the Remarks puzzle 😦

    I do very much like Remarks puzzles, I probably have close to a dozen and only had one dud in the bunch that had a loose and frustrating fit and the individual pieces didn’t have much heft or weight to them.

    I treated myself to a brand new Remarks puzzle at full price, it was the umbrella one (you’ve featured it on your blog). I had loved the image for so long and then the puzzle went out of print and I was delighted to see it at the store, and there was only one left so I scooped it up. I dearly hope the quality is up to par with their “older” puzzles. I *almost* bought the one you just reviewed as well but decided to just get one puzzle.

    I’m glad you still had fun assembling that great collage puzzle, all those images look so fun. I had a colorforms set, it was like a paperdoll Smurfette but with colorforms. Fun times!

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      1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

        I was just reading a couple of your posts from long ago (the remark’s umbrella one and a white mountain puzzle brand one) and you were mentioning puzzle dust. Ugh.

        Unless it’s a Buffalo brand puzzle, every puzzle bag I open up gets dumped right into a delicates mesh laundry bag. I gently turn the bag in different directions (sometimes I touch the bag gently to jiggle the pieces around) and all that icky puzzle dust just falls away from the pieces and onto the table top. I set the mesh bag aside, wipe and dry the table, and then dump the pieces out. This helps greatly to eliminate the majority of the puzzle dust. Plus we assemble the same puzzle more than once so it’s nice to get rid of the puzzle dust all at once.

        Do you use a mesh laundry bag to help eliminate puzzle dust from your table top?

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      2. I use a plastic colander. I set it in the box and dump the pieces into it; I move them around and shake it, then take the pieces out to sort and lay them out on trays. Has the same effect of getting rid of the majority of the dust.


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