Green by Shelley Davies – Cobble Hill – 1000 pieces

I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like these color puzzles from Shelley Davies. I mean, they’re absolutely gorgeous – but would they be entertaining to assemble? Short answer is … yep! In fact, it was way more enjoyable than I’d imagined.

Would have loved to have a poster to help out with this puzzle; I know the ones for sale now have a poster included but mine is a few years old and didn’t come with one. It certainly would have been nice to have – especially since mine was in a smaller square box rather than the larger rectangular one. It was a little challenging to find some of the very small bits on such a small box cover.

The plate with all the queens on it was quite entertaining, and it looks great too. I wouldn’t really call this an educational puzzle, but I learned a little bit about the different queens and their reigns. 👑

This was the first section I assembled, the swirly gold pieces were the easiest to pick out. It’s always nice to have some small section to start with immediately after the border; and this is where I started.

There were SO many words in the whole puzzle, once I pulled them all out it was a little intimidating – but with a little perseverance I got there in the end. There were several colored pencils in the image as well, most with the name of the artist hand written on them.

I wasn’t sure I even wanted to give any of these color puzzles a try – and now I’m thinking we may need to get several more colors!

10 thoughts on “Green

  1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

    I like puzzle posters too. When the puzzle I’m working on doesn’t have one I do a google image search using the puzzle’s title (sometimes I also include the artist’s and/or puzzle company’s name). Usually an image comes up from a trustworthy site like Amazon, Puzzle Warehouse, the puzzle company itself, etc….

    What I do next may be different from what you will need to do on your end depending on your browser and search engine, but I click a puzzle image from the search results and that action creates sort of a split browser window with the chosen image enlarged on the right hand side. Then I right click to open the image in a new tab. From there, I print it out, usually changing my printer settings from portrait to landscape, etc…. It’s just an 8″ x 11″ image but it still works wonderfully to consult during assembly, plus I love that it lays flat on my table.

    (I hope what I explained makes sense! I feel like I used so many words to explain something that only takes a few seconds to do!)

    I have two of these color-themed puzzles by Cobble Hill too, I forget which exact colors, but I think definitely purple. It’s not the type of puzzle I would enjoy doing now (my tastes have changed) but I do recall that I really enjoyed putting it together.

    Along the same color theme, there is a “Black & White: Animals” puzzle. It was extremely difficult and I didn’t get very far before throwing in the towel. Beautiful image but near tear-inducing with how hard it was.

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