The Puzzle That Will Freeze Your Brain

The Puzzle That Will Freeze Your Brain by Clive Branson – Wentworth – 34 pieces

These puzzles with the scary titles from Wentworth are so entertaining for me, and the beautiful and interesting shapes of the pieces are a joy to work with. Of course, I only do the micro puzzle versions of them, because assembling these difficult images with several hundred of the similarly shaped pieces actually would be scary!

At only 34 pieces, this one wasn’t that difficult, and I love the Christmas tree shaped pieces. This image is one I definitely would shy away from in a larger piece count, it doesn’t look like one that would be fun at all – at least not for me.

Putting together a difficult image isn’t something I go out of my way for, though some do enjoy the challenge of a formidable assembly. Normally, I do not. A puzzle that seems like a chore just doesn’t do it for me, it isn’t fun. I puzzle because it’s entertaining, relaxing, and a great little mental workout. If it feels like an intellectual marathon just to get a few pieces together – uh, no thank you.

Luckily, thanks to Wentworth micro puzzles, I can put together some difficult images without the stress of too many pieces. Lovely!

2 thoughts on “The Puzzle That Will Freeze Your Brain

  1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

    Oh my, that puzzle would be absolutely torturous in a larger piece count!!

    I was browsing puzzles on Barnes & Noble since they are doing a buy 1 get 1 50% off puzzle sale and came across a brand I hadn’t heard of before…. Have you heard of Cavallini & Co? C&C packs their puzzles in tubes. They have some lovely images but they are a bit pricey…..

    You can do a google search for ‘Cavallini & Co’ and their site will come right up, just didn’t know if I included a link in my comment if it would be filtered as spam. You can also go to B&N and click the puzzle sale at the top of the page (it’s one of a few deals that scrolls) and you’ll see some C&C puzzles featured when you get redirected….

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    1. I have heard of them, in fact I purchased one to try but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m stuck in bed for the time being, but once I’m back at the puzzle table I’ve got several great puzzles to assemble – and the Cavallini is one of them.

      They look to be very good quality – here’s hoping they don’t disappoint!


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