Dogs – Who’s A Good Boy!

Dog’s – Who’s A Good Boy! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This one was MUCH more challenging that I thought it would be. All that brown/tan fur on the paler teal background made for a difficult assembly. Most of the problem was that I don’t have adequate puzzle lighting in the powder room. 💡

Oh well, if they take a bit longer in there, it’s ok with me. With these small puzzles in the master bathroom it means I always have two puzzles going. Pardon the unintended pun. Pretty soon I’ll have to post two puzzles a day if I don’t slow down!

To be honest, I had to take this one out of the bathroom for a little bit and work on it in the puzzle room in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep. The colors really were difficult to see where the puzzle was being assembled – I needed good light to get a more of a head start on the image. Once a little more of it was together it was easier to work on.

The fit of this puzzle was also a bit looser than the previous four we’ve worked on. It made things a bit more difficult until we had more of the interior assembled. But this doesn’t seem to be a universal problem with this brand, it was most likely just near the end of the run when the die was more dull.

This is the first dog puzzle I’ve assembled since we lost our good, good boy. It was very sweet, and very cute – just like most dogs are, and like our Buddy was.

We miss him. 💗🐶

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