Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine by Lillia – Buffalo Games – 300 pieces

Normally I don’t really enjoy landscapes, but the colors in this one were too pretty to pass up. The colors and how they blend remind me of the work of Aimee Stewart – I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

Buffalo 300 piece puzzles are excellent quality, and this one was no different: thick, sturdy chipboard, beautiful image reproduction, great fit, and a very nice variety of piece shapes. An all-around quality puzzle.

The detail in the artwork is amazing, and made for quite the interesting assembly. I haven’t done any puzzles with this artist’s images before, and I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully there are more puzzles out there with their artwork for me to find and assemble. 💙

I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to do this with a Buffalo puzzle before; but when the disassembly started it held together so well that I decided to give it a try – it worked!

7 thoughts on “Lake Moraine

  1. Anonymous

    At first I thought there was too much going on in the image (the hot air balloons seemed so out of place) but then I realized that half the image is during the day and the other half is at night time. Very cool!

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  2. Anonymous Person

    P.S. for Deb, Buffalo tends to use thicker chipboard/cardboard/puzzleboard for their lower piece count puzzles. I wish their larger count puzzles (500 and 1000 pieces) had thicker pieces so you could easily move attached pieces around without the joined pieces falling apart. Still, Buffalo is one of my favorite brands as, in my experience, they seem to consistently put out very good quality puzzles (firm pieces, excellent image quality, no puzzle dust, etc…)

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