The Wizard of Oz In Progress

The Wizard of Oz by W. W. Denslow – Pomegranate – 300 pieces

I’m starting this puzzle this morning, and depending upon how I feel, it may be finished by the end of the day. 🙂 My son has taken to spending a little bit more time with me in the puzzle room, and he enjoys picking out the “next one” that I assemble. Sometimes I flat out tell him no, but most of the time I take his suggestions because it makes him happy. He’s chosen this puzzle, and it should be on the board in a few minutes!

I have to tell you, as a woman who grew up watching the movie The Wizard of Oz, this image seems quite foreign to me. This is where I confess that I have not read the books by L. Frank Baum nor seen the illustrations by W. W. Denslow – I have only seen the movie. In fact, I have seen the movie A LOT.

When I was young, this movie was shown on television every single year; and every single year my sisters and I sat down in the living room with our parents and watched it. So when you say “The Wizard of Oz”, my memories are of a teenage girl in a blue gingham dress with sparkly heeled shoes, the scarecrow with straw sticking out of his sleeves, Glinda the good witch with her beautiful pink ball gown, etc. That is not what is shown in this illustration from the books, and so it looks very odd to me indeed.

Although this isn’t the image in my mind regarding The Wizard of Oz, I think it’s going to make for an entertaining assembly anyway.

Happy puzzling today everyone! 🧩

8 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz In Progress

  1. Deb

    Before I read your post, I saw the picture and thought – ewww what happened to these beloved characters! Probably not a puzzle i would have chosen but looking forward to reading your review.
    On a side note, I was at Meijer and they had 3 different puzzles by artist Aimee Stewart that I’ve never seen before. They were either White Mountain or Buffalo. Thought of you immediately!

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  2. Anonymous

    Oh if you haven’t read the books you are in for a real treat, the Wizard of Oz book is so very different from the movie, and and the backstory for the Tin Man is fascinating and heart-breaking (no pun intended) If you have an ereader (kindle or nook) you can get the ebook for free because it’s in the public domain. You can find it on Project Gutenberg.

    I really enjoyed the first book. I think I tried reading the second one (something about Jack the pumpkin or Jack and the pumpkin and it was just way too slow going and I stopped reading it)

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      1. Anonymous

        You really should. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the book is a bit darker in tone, at least in some parts there were some creepy/mildly scarey parts in the book. But not too many because I would never intentionally choose a scary book to read, I really did like the book. From what I recall, the book is definitely unique and a bit different from the movie.

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