Selfies – Part 3

Selfies 3-1
Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z

Day three of these adorable, silly, ocean selfies – and honestly I think these may be three with the cutest expressions on their faces. I mean, they just make me smile. Even this morning when I was in a bad mood for no reason whatsoever, I opened up this post to finish writing and saw the faces and now I have a big, goofy smile on my face. Puzzles are so awesome!

Selfies 3-2

Remember the two clownfish from day one – Bernard and Helen? This is their daughter, Lena. She is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted, sweet gal who is always determined to be happy. Lena works in the business office at Ebb Tide University, and is always thoughtful and supportive of all her students. In her spare time she enjoys working on home renovations with her husband Todd; right now they’re building a small playground in the backyard for their grandchildren. 🐠🐠

Selfies 3-3

This was one of the most difficult puzzles in this set for me, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I always put the box away and put these puzzles together without the help of the image, so this one had me working a bit harder than I thought I would have to. It was worth it though, look at that smile!

This guy reminds me of the surfer dude turtle in the movie Finding Nemo, and so I have named him Keanu. He’s currently “in between jobs” and spends most of his time hanging out with his friends and having deep philosophical discussions – or perhaps I should say they have what they think are philosophical discussions. Keanu is a kind, well-meaning dude, but he doesn’t always make the best decisions. Just ask his former boss.

Selfies 3-4

I went and did some research to find out what species this fish was, because I wanted to see if the artist took some license with those lips. He didn’t! Best I can tell, this is a Longhorn Cowfish, and this is definitely what they look like – kissy lips and all. When I first saw it, I laughed out loud at the “ducklips”. Well, the artist didn’t do that, Mother Nature did!

This is Cheryl, and she’s an Instagram model. She thinks she’s gorgeous, and every new follower she gets just reinforces that belief. She’s not fun to be around, as most of the time she’s mentally arranging her next post so that others will tell her how pretty she is – and she will definitely believe them. Cheryl is petty and self-involved, and every “hobby” she has revolves around making herself look good. Cheryl is an idiot.

One more day to go – stay tuned! 😎

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