Cereal Boxes

Cereal Boxes
Cereal Boxes – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

I had a really good time with this one – as is usual for almost all collages – and insomnia helped to make sure that it was assembled in less than 24 hours. It certainly helps me get more puzzling done, but I’m not sure it’s great for my health. 😐

The piece quality was very good on this puzzle; thickness, shapes, and fit were all quite nice. The image reproduction though, wasn’t the best. There was quite a bit of fuzziness on many of the cereal boxes. It seems to be a recurring problem with White Mountain collage puzzles, but I still buy them because they make me happy to assemble them, fuzzy spots or no.

Cereal Boxes 1

What in the world is this cereal doing in a collage of fun cereals? This is your parent’s and grandparent’s cereal! If I had to eat this there would be so much fruit and sugar on it that it would be obscene. Yikes.

Cereal Boxes 2

Kix was the only cereal shown with 3 separate boxes. This was my favorite of the three, but it definitely isn’t my favorite of the cereals. I remember being younger and mom buying this cereal and we were not happy about it. To me it was so boring and tasteless, it was like chewing on little round puffs of styrofoam. Blech! When my kids were younger and we were on assistance, I remember that this was one of the few cereals you were allowed to buy for them. They had to be relatively healthy with as little sugar as possible, and I always opted to buy the Chex cereals for the kids instead, they were much better tasting if you ask me.

Cereal Boxes 3

This is one of my favorites, probably tied with Lucky Charms in the number two spot. Graham Cracker cereal – yum! (My favorite isn’t a General Mills cereal, so it’s nowhere to be found in this puzzle).

All in all I adored this puzzle, not only was it fun to assemble it brought back great childhood memories for me. 🥣💗

4 thoughts on “Cereal Boxes

  1. Janet L

    Fiber One looks like a bowl of sticks, bleh! My picks would be Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. What cereal is your favorite? I remember with the mini boxes, they had flaps to open them and pour the milk right into the box and skip the bowl! So glad to see you puzzling. Sometimes we feel bad, and some days it’s hard to find our joy. That’s okay, we’re only human after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it tastes like a bowl of sticks too! I used to call it “tree bark”, cause the taste is similar. 😉

      My absolute favorite cereal is Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. Childish? Maybe. Don’t care.

      I haven’t gotten going on another puzzle yet though, this one was completed several weeks ago.


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