Stranger Things

Stranger Things
Stranger Things – Cardinal – 300 pieces

Stranger Things was a fun but challenging puzzle, and even though the pieces were a little on the thin side, overall it wasn’t too bad in the quality department. The image reproduction was excellent, and it made for quite an entertaining puzzle – I loved putting together the fireworks!

Normally I find that Cardinal doesn’t have the best quality, they make many of the puzzles that you find in the dollar stores here in the US. It seems to me that quality is less important to them than quantity is. But this puzzle looked as though it was a special edition, and even the box was nicer than normal. The pieces were thinner than I’d have liked, but the fit and image reproduction were both excellent…

Stranger Things 1

The image was crisp and clear, even down to the very small sections. I was surprised at how detailed these faces were and how clearly you could see them, considering this is only a few pieces out of 300.

I haven’t kept up with the show; I started watching it in 2016 (the year it was released) and watched a few episodes of that first season. I enjoyed it, but things got in the way and I just haven’t gotten back to it. Therefore, I have no idea what’s going on in this image. Apparently there’s a monster, and things are happening at the mall – sounds like the plot of an 80’s movie to me. 😉

Even though I have no clue what’s happening in this image it was still an entertaining and challenging assembly; and in these times of puzzle shortages, with prices going up, almost any puzzle will do if you’re running low. (I’m not even close to being close to running low, but you get what I”m saying.)

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