Welcome Home

Welcome Home
Welcome Home – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

These adorable puppies were too cute to leave alone, so this puzzle went together in one day. It was a welcome distraction from a stressful situation; and as usual, I stopped thinking about what was troubling me and focused solely on pieces, shapes, and colors.

Re-marks has so many interesting collage puzzles, they’re right up there with White Mountain in my opinion. My last trip to Barnes and Noble netted me about six more of their collages, and I’m trying to ration them out to be certain they last me for a while. 🙂

Welcome Home 1

This is why I’m a dog person, they give us such loyalty and unconditional love. Look at that sweet face waiting to welcome home his human.

Welcome Home 2

I thought I heard my human coming down the street, is she almost here?! I’m so excited!

Welcome Home 3

The look on the face of the corgi is priceless, they look so happy! In summary, all the sweet faces of dogs and interesting doorways made for a happy, colorful, completely absorbing puzzle.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for these days, how about you?

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