Knitters Stash

Knitters Stash
Knitters Stash – Springbok – 1000 pieces

This was a fun and wonderfully challenging puzzle, and I think the finished image is very pretty; it reminds me of my mom who always had yarn or crochet thread with her when she went anywhere. In addition, mom got this puzzle for us at the thrift store – it has her written all over it.

It was one of those Springbok puzzles with a very tight fit, which we know I am not a fan of; but even though the fit was a bit annoying I had a great time putting this together. It took my aging brain a little longer than normal to adapt itself to working with a random cut, but the challenge of it had me completely engrossed.

Thrift stores have so many treasures like this to find, I miss my black belt thrift store shopper – not only was she the best mom ever, she also always found amazing puzzles for us to try. Love you mom. 💖💖

4 thoughts on “Knitters Stash

  1. Ellen LoGiudice

    Oh, I love that image! What a great find. And nice to think of your Mom as you’re putting it together. I personally do love puzzles with random cut pieces! Visually satisfying.

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