Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mr Rogers
Mister Rogers Neighborhood – Aquarius – 500 pieces

The top half of this puzzle was much easier than the bottom; I knew it might be a little challenging, but I had no idea how much. Fortunately I did enjoy it as much as I’d hoped, and the background colors were my favorite part – obviously. 🙂

It’s fun when you receive puzzles as gifts, they may not always be what you might have chosen yourself, but most of the time they end up being more fun than you thought. I almost always give them a try; someone cared enough to pick out a puzzle just for me, it would be thoughtless of me to dismiss it just because I didn’t pick it out myself.

Most of the difficulty in this puzzle lies with the picture they’ve used; in the background Mister Rogers is in sharp focus, while in the foreground The Neighborhood of Make Believe is out of focus and quite blurry.

You can see the difference when the pictures are side by side, it’s quite striking actually. Still, I don’t believe the fault lies with the reproduction, it’s the picture itself.

This image brought back memories, I recall watching the show when I was young, mostly the opening scene where he would come in singing and changing his sweater and shoes. I also recall the Neighborhood of Make Believe with King Friday who bellowed and didn’t always think first before speaking, and Daniel Tiger who was very shy and sweet. (Daniel was my favorite 🐯)

I’ve watched the documentary about Fred Rogers, and I’m looking forward to the movie starring Tom Hanks. Mister Rogers was a kind, loving man who cared deeply about children and spent his life educating, uplifting, and championing them. I don’t know if many outside the US are aware of him or his show, but I certainly watched and loved it as a child. 💗

3 thoughts on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

  1. Penny Weiss

    I loved Mr. Rogers! I watched it a lot as a child. I did always enjoy when he sent Trolley into the World of Make Believe. However, my favorite part of the show is when he “took” you inside a manufacturing plant or warehouse and you got to see how stuff was made. I can still see scenes in my mind of one episode where they showed how gum was made. Fascinating!


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