My Free Puzzle


This is the update of the 12 Nightmare Christmas Puzzles advent calendar set – I got my free puzzle, and it’s shown above. To say I am underwhelmed doesn’t cover it, I’m a little disgusted too.

First of all, I don’t care for the image; it’s a little dark (the actual box image seems darker) and it’s just not my cup of tea. Secondly, the set was 1200 pieces, and I get a 300 piece puzzle to make up for the horrible experience I had? I realize that I returned the puzzle to the store for a refund, and therefore don’t really need a 1200 piece puzzle as recompense, but seriously? An ugly 300 piece puzzle is supposed to smooth everything over?

I am done with Ceaco. I will no longer purchase any of their puzzles, no matter how beautiful or interesting the image is – not even if they end up with exclusive rights to all future Aimee Stewart images. (Please Aimee, don’t do that to me. You’re my favorite puzzle artist!)

One person no longer buying their puzzles is just a drop in the ocean, and I’m sure it won’t even be a blip on their bottom line. But it doesn’t matter, not to me. There are plenty of puzzle companies with excellent customer service who I’d much rather spend my hard earned money on.

You’ll still see Ceaco puzzles here on My Jigsaw Journal for a while, I’ve received some as gifts and there are still boxes and boxes of puzzles at mom’s house to go through. She was constantly at the thrift stores finding puzzles for us and I’m certain there are quite a few Ceacos there to be assembled too.

I may relent at some point, but right now I seriously doubt it. I’m still pretty pissed about the whole thing.

10 thoughts on “My Free Puzzle

  1. Amy

    Hi Stacey, I also feel the compensation was not equal to the distress caused by crap product they are peddling. Consider me another drop in the bucket. I am also letting all my puzzling friends know that Caeco should be boycotted.

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  2. Anonymous

    Stacey, I would email Nora and let her know how disappointed and disgusted you are. I know there’s a way you can convey your disgust without being rude. We already know Ceaco doesn’t give a fig about their quality control and manufacturing standards, but they have complete control over how they handle consumer and customer service issues. Clearly this is an absolute epic fail.

    It is pretty awful that you don’t like the image and didn’t even get to choose one yourself. Not to mention the fact a 300 piece puzzle in exchange for a 1200 piece puzzle is not fair. (I am glad that you were able to return the puzzle set to the store for a full refund.)

    Don’t give Ceaco one more penny of your hard earned money. I wouldn’t even bother “promoting” them on your blog with any more puzzle “reviews.”

    Your Ceaco fiasco reminds me of mine with White Mountain Puzzles. I’ve boycotted them. I had a completely disastrous experience with two different puzzles and each replacement puzzle (of the same exact puzzle) was worse than the last. They choose the slowest possible shipping method to get each replacement puzzle to me. Thankfully I ended up getting a full refund but I will never ever buy another one of their puzzles again.

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    1. I appreciate and understand your position, but I’m just done with this whole thing. Letting her know that I wasn’t happy with the puzzle might get me another Ceaco puzzle or two, and I honestly don’t want them. I’ve just had it with the whole situation.

      I’ll continue to post all the puzzles I assemble here on the blog no matter the brand, just because that’s what I do. But I won’t be “reviewing” any of them.

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had the same thing happen with White Mountain. It’s petty depressing all this terrible customer service. All we want is good quality puzzles to assemble, how difficult can that be? Sheesh!


  3. Anonymous

    I get it. Best to move on and let go of the negativity.

    This might sound weird but to me the image looks a bit creepy — I think it’s because a few of the butterflies are extremely dark (not that there is anything wrong with that, that is how the Lord made them) and that just doesn’t vibe well with the colorful flowers and pretty blue sky.

    Here’s hoping your next puzzle is delightful 🙂

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