Afternoon Visitor

Afternoon Visitor
Afternoon Visitor by Steve Read – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This image is gorgeous, and I would definitely want to do this one in 1000 pieces. Look at the dogs sleeping by the fire – how sweet are they? Steve Read’s images aren’t always ones that speak to me, but this one was a joy to put together at 40 pieces, and I can see how it would make a great puzzle in any size.

Afternoon Visitor whimsies

Great whimsies, I love the silverware/flatware, the detail Wentworth puts onto their whimsies makes all the difference. You can’t always tell what some of them are by shape alone, it’s the extra cuts that clarify exactly what each one is. I don’t always like the look of the extra lines on the front of the puzzle, but it doesn’t usually detract too much.

This was the last of my regular micro puzzles; all I have left now are four Christmas/winter themed ones. According to my family’s tradition, no Christmas anything is allowed until after the Thanksgiving meal. So Santa and all his helpers are just going to have to wait until after next Thursday before assaulting me with holiday everything. (Yes, I’m feeling a little “Bah Humbug” this year).

I do wish I had a few more everyday image micro puzzles though, I could use them to pad my queue – I’m running out of puzzles for the blog again! Anyone out there feeling like writing up a guest post? Done any fun or fabulous puzzles lately? 😁

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