Wings by Sasha Carolina – Buffalo – 300 pieces

A beautiful, colorful puzzle that was actually quite calming for me to assemble. The bright colors made it relatively easy, but all the birds and butterflies made for a bit of a challenge; the perfect combination.

Great quality puzzle with thick pieces that fit together well and a good variety of shapes. The image reproduction was bright and clear, but the finish was extremely shiny. It’s part of Buffalo’s Vivid Collection, perhaps that’s the reason for the shininess. It’s a bright image though, and the shine didn’t cause too much glare while working under artificial light.

6 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Marleen

    Lovely image with all those colours. I am working on a 1000 piece puzzle of a painting by Andy Russell called Flower Bay, a dreamlike landscape with vibrant colours. The upper half is a bit of a challenge though, but I don’t mind working on it a bit longer.
    And the PADS keeps flaring up, another five puzzles wiggled their way into my collection. Maybe “herd” would be a better term, the way they seem to flock together 😉

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      1. Marleen

        It is a Turkish brand: Art Puzzle, very good quality. And it came with a thin piece of cardboard with two folding lines and a slit, that turned out to be a simple but clever stand for the box lid.
        I couldn’t choose between this one and the 1500 piece Hidden Harbor 🙂
        A lot of the puzzles I did are Ravensburger, that’s the main brand you see in the shops, together with the Jan van Haasteren puzzles from Jumbo. Lately there seems to be a shift, some of the traditional mainstreet toystore chains have gone bankrupt and bookshops seem to start selling more boardgames and puzzles. I have seen Gibson, House of Puzzles, Heye, Piatnik, Educa. So still mostly European brands.
        I have now discovered a website ( with a lot of puzzles that I like, so I am trying out other brands as well. Eeboo is a good one I have recently discovered.

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