My Poor Old Eyes

I think it may be time to get some new glasses. I started a new puzzle yesterday, but had to stop because my poor aging eyes just couldn’t handle it. The pieces are miniature, all the same shape (thankfully they’re not ballerinas, they’re shaped like little people), and the picture is very detailed. I just couldn’t see the intricacies of the image when two pieces connected and I had to stop.

I want very much to finish this puzzle, it’s so unique and interesting and I was really pumped to start assembling it. I’ll have to wait until I get new glasses, or I get myself a strong, lighted magnifying glass – or both. 👓+🔎

It’s a Pyramid Puzzle by D-Toys, and when it’s completed there are four sides, each with a different image. Each section is assembled in the tray, which you fold up and put on a base for display.

Pyramid 1

The edges of the tray have some of the image, perhaps so that you can be sure you’re placing the image correctly.

Pyramid 2

I didn’t know the pieces were so small when I purchased the puzzle, there was no mention at all that the pieces were so tiny. I figured the images would be fun to put together, but I can’t see the damn things!

Pyramid 3.JPGMy poor old eyes just aren’t up to the task at the moment. 👵

4 thoughts on “My Poor Old Eyes

  1. I still puzzle without glasses, but I do have a lighted magnifying glass. Two actually, one for Helsinki and one for Dortmund. I’m not looking forward to the day when I will absolutely need glasses for puzzling…

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