Little Feminist

Little Feminist
Little Feminist by Lydia Ortiz – Mudpuppy – 500 pieces

This colorful puzzle was completely entertaining and quick to go together. Only one piece shape, but the little sections were relatively easy to pick out and assemble even without a variety in the piece shape.

I love the catalog of Mudpuppy puzzles, but they’re another brand that only has the one piece shape. Perhaps I’m getting to be a crochety old lady who complains too much, but I’m a bit annoyed by how many brands have just the one piece shape. I’ve assembled a few of their puzzles before, so at least I knew going in that they would all be the same shape.

This is my kind of image though; I love a collage and I love cartoon puzzles too. It went together very quickly because it was hard to walk away. Each section lead to the next, and they were all fun to assemble.

This is another puzzle that my daughter found for me in the clearance section at Barnes & Noble when we were trying to find a particular book. I can never go into a store without checking to see if there are any puzzles for me to look through. It’s a sickness, one I believe I discovered – PADS. I’m severely afflicted and loving it! 💖

2 thoughts on “Little Feminist

  1. I love this image! I’m with you on the single piece shape thing. Up to 500-600 pieces it’s tolerable with a good image, but I wouldn’t knowingly buy a larger puzzle with all pieces the same shape. Except of course if the image was so great that I couldn’t live without it…

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