Sewing Collage

Sewing Collage
Sewing Collage – Milton Bradley (Big Ben) – 500 pieces

This puzzle was an interesting test for me, I assembled it much differently than I usually do. I found it enjoyable and pretty entertaining! It’s a very nice quality puzzle, and the repetition of the image made it a bit of a challenge. I had a very good time with this one. 🙂

With all the different elements repeated several times, I picked certain things (like pincushions, the red buttons, or the spools of thread) and assembled them all. Then I used the box image to see where each one fit into the frame.

Sewing Collage 1

I found that I really enjoyed assembling the puzzle this way. And once I got a few parts assembled and set in the frame, it was easier to see where things belonged and work off of them. It’s not always going to be applicable to every puzzle image, but it was a nice change for me.

Maybe we should all shake things up every now and again and try things a different way – we might find that we like it very much!

I’m enjoying these Big Ben puzzles, the quality is quite good and they have plenty of interesting and challenging images to choose from. They’re nice when I need a quick puzzle fix, and I like having them around. When I finish a larger puzzle and want something that will be entertaining and won’t take forever to complete I’ve got a Big Ben puzzle that’ll do the trick very nicely.

7 thoughts on “Sewing Collage

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve often seen the Big Ben/Milton Bradley jigsaw puzzles at the store. There are lots of great images to choose from. Puzzle quality is very important to me, would you say the the Big Ben puzzle pieces are (from puzzle to puzzle) consistently of a very good quality? For me that means a sturdy, firm puzzle piece with no bent parts and no parts of the image peeling up from the puzzle piece and the back of the puzzle piece is smooth. Is the image reproduction very good?

    Have you done other sizes besides 500 pieces?

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