No Peeking

No Peeking
No Peeking – Ceaco (Avanti) – 100 pieces

These Avanti images are so adorable and fun, I just can’t resist them. Add in the fact that there’s only 100 pieces and that it’s just a “one coffee puzzle” and I love them even more.

This image was a little more difficult than Studio Kitty-Four, because as much as I enjoy puzzles with dogs, the fur requires a little more mental effort. This one is about 3/4 dog and took a few extra minutes to complete. It’s darling though, and completely worth the effort.

It’s about average Ceaco quality, the pieces are on the thinner side, but the fit is quite good. There’s a good variety of shapes and the image reproduction is lovely. I’m glad I bought these four puzzles, I’ve enjoyed the first two immensely.

I’ve got two more of these to assemble, fun images and only 100 pieces. My love for mini puzzles is still intact. 💗

4 thoughts on “No Peeking


    Cute image! I really try to avoid puzzles with a big expanse of fur because of the frustration factor. Although I do love the Cat-ology series by Geoffrey Tristram. The cats fur drives me crazy but the rest of each puzzle is so pretty!

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    1. Absolutely true, fur equals frustration. Luckily with only 100 pieces it wasn’t too difficult. I have a few of the Cat-ology puzzles, but haven’t done any of them yet. They’re at my mom’s house, and I haven’t been able to go through her things yet.


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