Studio Kitty-Four

Studio Kitty-Four
Studio Kitty-Four – Ceaco – 100 pieces

My daughter and I went puzzle shopping together and were ready to check out with 14 puzzles already in my cart, and in the aisle leading up to the registers she saw these adorable and funny 100 piece puzzles. I bought every one they had, and as soon as I got home from our trip I put this one together.

I named this one myself, as there was no title on the box. Cats aren’t really my thing, but when they’re in a funny image I love them. I’m imagining this little guy at at Studio 54 in the late 70’s having a fantastic time and closing the place down.

These images are from Avanti Press, the same company that made the 150 piece micro puzzles in the test tubes that my mom and I assembled. The pictures of silly animals in hilarious situations make me smile.

This was my 100th puzzle of the year – kinda perfect that it was 100 pieces, huh? Love, love, love this one – look at that face!

Studio Kitty-Four 1

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