Wine Kitty

Wine Kitty
Wine Kitty – Avanti – 150 pieces

There’s something about tiny little pieces that draws me in, and I find them so interesting to work with. You can’t really tell by just looking at the puzzle how small it is, unless there’s something beside it for scale – they’re about 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide. (I did show the scale on Air Vent Kitty, you can see that picture by clicking the link).

I’m not a fan of wine, but I love the look on the cat’s face behind the stem of the wine glass, it’s like she’s been dealing with the kittens all day and just needs a little mom time. 🐱

I’ve done quite a few of these mini puzzles that come in test tubes, most of them with my mom; we really enjoyed working on them together – it was a little sad for me to assemble it alone. She loved working with the teeny tiny pieces as much as I did, and would sit with me on my bed and either help me or just take the tray away from me and do a lot of the assembly herself.

I don’t know what it is about the little pieces that made them so enjoyable to work with, but we both were completely enthralled with the little test tube puzzles and loved working on them together. At only 150 pieces they went together pretty quickly, but it was always time well spent.  💗


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