Air Vent Kitty

Air Vent Kitty
Air Vent Kitty – Avanti – 150 pieces

These pocket puzzles are so much fun to work with, there’s something completely entertaining and absorbing about the tiny little pieces. The entire puzzle fits into a test tube container that you could take anywhere – love that! ❤

All the silly pictures of the animals help with the entertainment factor, they’re much more fun to assemble than the dreaded Winter Aspen was. These are not only much smaller piece counts than that was, but much more interesting and colorful images too.

Mom told me after I posted the Corn Chipmunk that I needed to put something next to the puzzle for scale, to show how small they really are. They’re pretty darned tiny, but with nothing else beside them you can’t gauge the size…Air Vent Kitty 1

I’ve got 3 more of these fun, funny puzzles to assemble and I’m looking forward to every single one! Tried a mini puzzle before? I think they’re wonderfully fun and recommend giving them a try. 😍

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