Mystery Box – Day 45

Mystery Puzzle 17

Mom and I got this smaller building put together, or perhaps it’s a separate wing of the larger building – we’re not sure. But it’s moving along much more quickly now! Unfortunately, we’re positive that the missing symmetrical piece you see here was not in the box; but hubby and I are brainstorming on possible ways to make new pieces for however many are missing.

Mystery Puzzle 18

We also completely filled in the top of the municipal building, and added the “el” (elevated train) to the right side of the puzzle. So much progress! My daughter even found a piece and added it in. 🙂

I can’t describe how exciting it is for us when we find a large connection, we’re having so much fun with this! None of the family is as delighted as we are about it, but we don’t care – we have each other, and our puzzle bliss isn’t dependent on anyone else understanding it. (Although most of my readers get it, don’t you?)

4 thoughts on “Mystery Box – Day 45

  1. Amy

    Hi Stacey, yes, I am familiar with that feeling. I often hope others (non P.A.D.) have a hobby that fills their hearts with such enthusiasm. The world could the attendant joy that accompanies such a splendid pastime.

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