Yesterday’s Awesome Find!

Marketplace 1

Yesterday was another LONG trip to my pain management doctor over 4 hours from home; but I decided to try and make it a little less painful by finding myself some puzzles – and find some I did!

Marketplace 2.JPG

I got all 27 of these puzzles for $25 from a fantastic lady I found on Facebook Marketplace. (Thanks Jan! ❤) I don’t use Facebook, but my husband has an account that I use to look at puzzle pages, etc. One day when I was bored and looking around I found the marketplace and obviously searched for jigsaw puzzles for sale in my area. I didn’t see many bargains, or even puzzles that I wanted anywhere near my house, but I did find this lot almost 100 miles from home. It didn’t seem very cost effective to go that far for them, but luckily when I had to make another appointment with the doctor and knew I’d be within 10 miles or so of these puzzles I was VERY excited!

So here’s what I got:

  • Twelve 300 piece
  • Eight 500 piece
  • One 550 piece
  • Two 750 piece
  • Four 1000 piece

Great brands too! I’m so very happy with my purchase, even though 3 of the puzzles I’ve done before. No worries at all, even with those 3 taken out of the mix I only spent $1.04 per puzzle. 🙂 There’s another image that I have assembled before, but with a different piece count and by a different brand – so I’m definitely going to be doing that one again.

Finding these puzzles made a terrible day in the car and at the doctor’s office a whole lot less horrible – because I was so happy to find such great puzzles at such a great price!

These ought to keep me busy for a little while, right? ☺


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