Harry Potter Book 1

Harry Potter Book 1
Harry Potter Book 1 by Mary GrandPre – NY Puzzle Co. – 100 pieces

If you didn’t already figure me for a puzzle nerd, guess what? I’m a book nerd too! I love reading ❤ Some of my favorites are great book series – all the Little House books, the Clan of the Cave Bear series, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, and definitely Harry Potter!

In fact, I’ve read all the books in all of those series several times – but there’s something magical about the Harry Potter books (no pun intended) – they’re comforting, exciting, funny, sad, sweet, scary, and just about everything you need for a great read. And with this FABULOUS gift my daughter gave me for Christmas I’ve got both of my nerdy passions together!

Harry Potter set

I’ve only put together two of these so far, but the quality is even better than the last NYPC puzzle I assembled; thick pieces with a nice fit, and first rate image reproduction. They’re all 100 pieces and they’re all going to be great fun!

Now I’m wondering what other book covers would be great puzzle art, hmmmm. All the Little House covers would be so entertaining for me – I adore every one of those books. Any other ideas?

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