The Challenge of 2019

Box of wooden pieces
Mom’s Christmas present this year!

My Christmas present to mom this year wasn’t the usual jigsaw puzzle. In fact, I don’t have any idea whether or not there is a complete puzzle here at all! Intrigued??

I was in bed, bored with television, looking at eBay for some reason. I’ve never shopped there, it was just curiosity; looking at the crazy prices people will pay for “luxury” wooden puzzles made my head spin! Anyway I came across this box of vintage wooden puzzle pieces – 5 pounds of pieces all thrown together in one storage box – with no boxes, pictures, or brands. Oh man, I can’t tell you how much that got me going, I wanted that box!

Imagine the challenge of hundreds and hundred of pieces with no guides at all. No piece counts, brand names, images, not even a guarantee of an entire puzzle. Plus, they’re all wooden pieces!

Since hubby does the eBay thing all the time, I told him about it. We discussed it, how much I wanted it, what I was willing to spend, etc. He had no problem with the purchase and won the auction for me. 🎉

Mom always says that she doesn’t need gifts or “things”, she’d much rather have an “experience” as a present. This is true, she’s a bit of a hoarder and in her 70’s, there’s not a lot she actually needs. So I decided to present her this box of puzzle pieces (that belong to me) as this year’s gift. The actual gift though is the time spent together working through this box of pieces to hopefully put together a puzzle, or two, or however many there are.

I have no idea how long it’s going to take us, but I am so looking forward to the challenge!

It could turn out that there isn’t a complete puzzle in the box, and being completely truthful I absolutely don’t care. If there are several incomplete puzzles or several complete ones it doesn’t matter in the least. This box is hours and hours I get to spend with mom, talking, laughing, playing with gorgeous puzzle pieces – I wouldn’t trade that for all the luxury puzzles in the world! ❤❤

17 thoughts on “The Challenge of 2019

  1. Mom

    Well, it appears Mom needs to get her act together! That comment from Ru is mine and I have fumble fingers this morning!
    I am so looking forward to working on “our” box of pieces and completing “our” experience together! What fun is in our future!

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  3. Diane Delany

    Hi Stacy,
    Not sure if you see comments left for so long ago posts. I know nothing about blogs, but started reading yours with the start of SIP, as I found myself donating half my stimulus check, and buying puzzles with the other half 😉 This illustrated story of you and your mom and this way cool puzzle mystery is awesome! I have read it through twice already, and here I am again at the beginning. Thank you!

    I found out about your blog on in the comments on Artifact Puzzles.


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    1. Hi Diane. It’s great to hear from you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed our story of the assembly, we had the best time with the “Mystery Puzzle Box” and I’m so glad we had that extra time together just months before I lost her so unexpectedly. I am so grateful that the object was first and foremost to enjoy our time together and we loved every minute!

      I’m so glad you found you way here and hope you enjoy the posts! 🙂


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