Coastal Cove

Coastal Cove
Coastal Cove – Shutterfly – 252 pieces

This was a thrift store find that mom purchased mainly because it was only 69 cents. Normally she wouldn’t get a image like this – it’s not our usual “pile of pieces” (cup of tea). But it was a small piece count, we always love to try out new brands, and you absolutely can’t beat that price!

Shutterfly will make just about any custom gift with your photos – cards, mousepads, mugs, puzzles, etc. To be honest, in my head I was thinking that the quality couldn’t possibly be very good. I’m happy to report that based on this puzzle I was quite wrong. 🙂

The pieces were pleasantly thick and felt good in your hand, they had the almost waxy feel of a Gibsons or Jumbo puzzle; there were a variety of piece shapes, but the majority were ballerinas (2 prong/2 hole). The image reproduction is hard to gauge, since the image shown is quite bland color-wise, but there didn’t seem to be any blurry or fuzzy sections. My only issue was the slightly loose fit, though it wasn’t too bad.

I normally don’t comment on puzzle boxes unless they’re unusual or very good quality – I was very impressed with the quality of the box! It was extremely sturdy and felt even nicer than the boxes of some “premium” puzzle brands. Overall I was impressed by the quality of both the box and the puzzle inside.

The picture was quite boring (just my opinion), though perhaps the place held a special significance to whomever the puzzle was made for; it’s just not my idea of an interesting puzzle image. But to each their own, right?


One of my readers requested a picture of the box. I really couldn’t figure out a way to show why I was impressed with it’s quality other than to show the texture of it in the view of the side. My assumption was that box quality wouldn’t be high on their list, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Coastal Cove box 2

Coastal Cove box

8 thoughts on “Coastal Cove

  1. Melanie

    Thanks for this review. I’ve wondered about the quality of Shutterfly puzzles. I am curious if you could share a photo of the box, since you were impressed with it? Thanks!

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