Desserts – Lafayette Puzzle Factory – 500 pieces

Some of the colors on these yummy desserts were the brightest and most colorful of all the mini shaped puzzles I’ve done so far, and they were so much fun! This was the last set that we finished during our mini puzzle marathon that had us completing 1500 pieces (3 sets) in one day!

There are only two sets left – mini cottages, and a second set of birds. I’m a little sad that there aren’t any more to look forward to, but I’m so happy I found them and that they brought me so much puzzle happiness. (Lafayette Puzzle Factory – if you’re listening, PLEASE make some more of these fun mini puzzles. Please.)

I put together the chocolate mousse cake, mom did the rainbow cake, and my son assembled the shakes. He couldn’t understand why in the world anyone would put pretzels or cracker jacks on a shake! (Seems weird to me too, but then again salty and sweet is a fantastic combination)

The fact that these were all so many different shapes made them lots of fun, a little challenging, and did I mention they were lots of fun? I loved them!!

Obviously I adore these little puzzle sets, if my count is correct this is the 11th set that I’ve done! Perhaps I’m a teeny bit obsessed. 😎 Of course part of it may be that my son loves working on them too and comes out of his room/cave to sit on my bed, watch tv with me, and work on these puzzles with his old mom. Quality time together with the people that I love makes puzzling even better! 💗

5 thoughts on “Desserts

  1. I love these minipuzzles! You could take them apart and mix a couple of sets together for a more challenging experience. (My brother and I used to mix puzzles as children. Then we had a race who could complete the puzzels in their pile first… The puzzles were, of course, really small, probably no more than 50 pieces.)

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  2. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    These look delicious, Stacey! I could definitely eat one now. LOL I have been thinking about ordering the mini cupcakes ones. I think they would look really cute as a kind of “border” around the pantry door in my kitchen. I would probably need to buy both sets to have enough, but thought that might be a fun way to display them.

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