Skiing by Margaret Loxton – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I adore this new image from Wentworth, it makes me laugh. I have a whole new batch of micro puzzles for a couple of reasons; 1) I’m a jigsaw puzzle junkie, and 2) I needed more very small puzzles that I can work on in bed. I think the puzzle addiction is the biggest reason though, if I’m being honest. 😏

I actually assembled this puzzle this morning specifically to post today. There are almost no puzzles left in my queue! Oh dear. My readers have a lot more “chatty” posts to look forward to in the next few weeks while I build up my stash of completed puzzles again. Don’t worry though, I’ll be keeping the chit chat to puzzle topics.

This puzzle has one of the cutest whimsies I’ve ever seen – a nun ice skating! Love it!

Skiing whimsies

This puzzle would be a fun challenge in a larger piece count, the bigger areas of both black and white would be a bit difficult – but entertaining I think. The artwork itself is a bit fuzzy, which I think would help with the larger areas of one color. There’s something so wonderfully whimsical and sweet about the image, it just speaks to me.

Skiing - box

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