Kitten Surprise

Kitten Surprise
Kitten Surprise – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Kittens aren’t my cup of tea, but this is quite a cute puzzle and it was fun to put together. The baskets were easy to sort and assemble, but the rest of the puzzle was trickier than I thought it would be.

The balloons themselves weren’t too difficult, but all the hanging ribbons weren’t easy. I knew the kittens would be a bit more work, though every puzzle is easier when your puzzle posse comes to help out. 😎

300 pieces are my favorite size for Buffalo puzzles. There’s something about the larger piece counts (1000 and over) that seem so cookie cutter – the pieces are all essentially the same size and I don’t always want that when I’m working on a puzzle. Maybe it doesn’t seem as noticeable or annoying when the pieces are larger. Who can tell how my weird brain works and why a person likes some things and not others? All I know is that I prefer the larger pieces when working with Buffalo.

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