Retro Cats

Retro Cats – Re-marks – 300 pieces

This was such a fun puzzle, I had the best time putting it together! I don’t always say this about 300 piece puzzles, but this one would be even better at 1000 pieces. Each of the sections was fun and interesting to assemble, I wish there had been more pieces so I could have spent more time with each one. (The picture is a bit fuzzy, my apologies 😕)

Cats aren’t really my thing, I’m more a pooch person; but these cats are too cute to resist and the entire puzzle was completely entertaining. I did the Retro Dogs puzzle last year, it was a Christmas present from my son, and my daughter helped me with the assembly. They’re both fun collages with very good quality pieces – what more could you ask for?

These cats show 3 different sides of me, sweet, sassy, and completely weird – that’s pretty much me in a nutshell!

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