Women March!

Women March! by Jennifer Orkin Lewis – Eeboo – 500 pieces

Super busy images aren’t usually my thing, but this puzzle was a lot of fun. A puzzle about the women’s march, with artwork by a woman, made by a woman-owned puzzle company – we ladies are pretty awesome!👸

This is only the second eeBoo puzzle that I’ve assembled, and I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality. The pieces are thick, with an excellent variety of shapes and the fit is wonderful. The image reproduction is bright and colorful with no fuzzy or blurry areas (unless it’s part of the artwork). My only problem is with the finish, it’s quite shiny and can cause lots of glare under artificial lights.

The edge pieces were very easy to pick out for assembly, but I ran into a problem. While putting it together I used the quote around the edge to help me find the correct pieces, and became convinced that I hadn’t pulled them all. After a quick search with no results I skipped the spot and continued around the edge. The problem wasn’t a missing piece, it was that one of the words is spelled incorrectly! I was looking for the next letters in the word, but they weren’t there. 😱


The word is missing two letters, and those were the ones I was looking for and couldn’t find. It’s easy to overlook a misspelling, especially when you come to the word and know what it’s trying to say – sometimes we skip right on past it without registering the error. That said, someone should have caught it somewhere along the line, shouldn’t they? (It caused me a bit of frustration trying to figure out if I’d lost a piece) Still, these things happen, and I’m sure someone else who’s assembled the puzzle has found it too. I emailed the company to let them know, although I don’t know that there’s much that they can do at this point.

These are my favorite signs, and there were so many of them to put together. I loved it! My regular readers know how much I enjoy having plenty of words to assemble. The only other “larger” image in the puzzle was the capital building, and once that was put together the assembly got a bit more difficult. The rest of the image is a sea of people and faces, and basically I had to examine each piece/face and figure out where it fit in. Time consuming, but still entertaining.

Although the women’s march was extremely political, that’s not why it’s here; this blog is strictly about puzzles. I bought this puzzle because I believe in the women’s movement – I believe in women and think we should all be treated as equally and humanely as anyone else – but most of all it looked like it would be great fun to put together. It was!

As far as political puzzles go, I’m bipartisan – I like both random AND grid cut! 😎

3 thoughts on “Women March!

  1. samantha bodamer

    Love, love your review! I’m Sam from eeBoo- it sounds like we took care of you- but if not, send us an email at info@eeboo.com – we have an erratum that goes inside the box to explain the error. We should have it fixed in January!

    Thank you so much.


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