Happy International Women’s Day!

Whether she gave you life, friendship, love, support, or encouragement – there’s a woman, or probably many women in your life to whom you owe a debt of gratitude. Celebrate International Women’s Day by letting the women in your life know how much you appreciate them for being who they are, and for helping you become the person you are today. 💗

Women’s Day made me think of a fun puzzle I assembled last year, Women March! I loved the puzzle and it’s message of supporting women; and it’s manufactured by eeBoo, a company run by women. What could be better? They’ve got some new releases this year, and this one seems perfect for today, it’s on my wish list (once I assemble and donate a few of the puzzles in my enormous “to-do pile”) 😁

Goddesses and Warriors…

Goddesses and Warriors

This puzzle illustrated by Ross MacDonald depicts goddesses, warriors, heroines, and deities from around the world and even comes with an informational poster. Those ladies look like they could take on anyone or anything – and it looks like great fun!

Happy Women’s Day!

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