The Village Tree

The Village Tree by Steve Crisp – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

This puzzle has a wonderfully bright color scheme, it was fun to assemble and a pretty finished image. I love these micro puzzles; I can put them in my purse and take them anywhere that I know I’ll be waiting for a while. It’s much more fun to pass the time putting together a puzzle than just sitting and reading old magazines or staring at something on my phone.

I was a little disappointed that the whimsies were a rerun of the whimsies in the Yuletide Puppies micro puzzle that I assembled earlier this month. I also realize that there must be a limited number of whimsy pieces per subject. They probably didn’t think someone would go crazy and buy all of the micro puzzles they’ve got in one shot like I did!IMG_4867

This image would be fun to assemble in larger piece counts too, but it isn’t really my taste. It’s pretty and bright, but the subject matter just doesn’t do it for me. If you like Christmas puzzles, this might be a good one for you. It’s available up to 1500 pieces by Wentworth, and was also produced in a 1000 piece count by White Mountain. There’s also a slightly altered image (with no presents under the tree) from Gibsons in a 500 piece. It really is a beautiful puzzle, I would recommend it from any of these companies.

After putting together 4 of these winter themed micro puzzles in one day I remembered that I still have four more 250 piece Wentworth puzzles yet to assemble. I’m recovering today from another all day car trip to a doctor’s appointment yesterday – perhaps today’s the day to start one of those. 😎

4 thoughts on “The Village Tree

  1. Jeanie

    FWIW, I have a 250 piece Christmas puzzle by Wentworth and your Christmas micro puzzles have whimsies that mine don’t.

    But then I have two other larger Wentworth wooden puzzles, same theme, and they had the same exact whimsies and that was a bit of a bummer because I also wish they’d change the whimisies up a bit but, like you said, I guess they have a limited number of templates or something.


    1. I wonder how they choose which Christmas whimsies go with certain puzzles. I’d love to spend the day watching the production and seeing their factory!

      It is a bit of a bummer when you see the “reruns” of the whimsies, but it’s still fun working with the wooden puzzles, I keep reminding myself not to take that for granted. They’re wonderful to work with and so completely absorbing!


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