Maple Sugar Time

Maple Sugar Time by Mary Ann Vessey – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

While this image isn’t one I would choose most other times of the year, I saw this one and decided to get it done for Christmas in July. It was good quality, and pretty fun to assemble.

As usual, these Milton Bradley puzzles are good quality; although the fit of this one was quite loose. This happens sometimes at the end of a run when the dies are getting dull. I don’t consider it a flaw, it’s just one of those things that happens in manufacturing.

All the little scenes were fun to put together; carrying the sap to the big kettle to be sugared off, getting more wood for the fire, etc.

Although I’m not a fan of Christmas/winter puzzles, this one wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed it, but to be honest I’d rather working on a puzzle with bright colors, or maybe one that had a bunch of little shaped puzzles. ☺

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