The Puzzle that Burnt the Turkey

The Puzzle that Burnt the Turkey by Chris Ceaser – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 55 pieces

This was the most difficult of the micro puzzles that I’ve assembled so far, I actually couldn’t imagine how demanding it would be to do in the larger piece count. This 55 piece puzzle took me about 30 minutes to figure out. How would you handle 216 pieces of this? Yikes!

There is a pattern to it, and it’s easy to see; what isn’t always easy to see is which piece is the correct one. With all the branches, snow and reflections it’s not an effortless assembly, that’s for sure.


The first thing I do with these repetitive cut puzzles is to separate them by shapes. Sometimes there are several pieces with similar shapes, but small differences. Once they were all separated and ready to go I started with the yellowish-brown section in the middle and worked outward. It was a puzzle that kept me completely absorbed for the entire 30 minutes it took to assemble, I love those kinds of puzzles!

I also enjoy the names that Wentworth has given these repetitive cut puzzles with the tough pictures. The Puzzle that Ruined Christmas, The Puzzle that Burnt the Turkey, The Puzzle that Froze Christmas, The Puzzle that Wrapped Up Christmas, etc. – they’ve got a great sense of humor at Wentworth. 🙂

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